Black Glitchy Names?

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  1. Why do people sometimes sign in and out with an illegible, black name?
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  2. This means that the player is a guest.They have joined Empire, but haven't done the tutorial. The name is suppose to be black.
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  3. This is when a player joins and has not done the tutorial...
    It is a common fonomona and is very interesting to observe!
    I forget who explained this to me but now you know!
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  4. IcC's personal assassins

    They're still in tutorial and haven't finished it.
  5. In case you missed that in the last three posts, They haven't finished the tutorial :D

    This is usually how threads go right? Like 4+ posts repeating everything?
  6. They're Aikars minions.
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  7. Actually they are haxors...
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  8. Oh god ICC, they're on to you! Quickly; change the names to hot pink and bold! They'll never see you coming.
  9. You probably have to be really L33T and hack into EMC to get it.