Black Chunks and Live Map

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  1. Hi EMC, i don't know where to post this thread, but in the couple of week i've been playing here i found out that inside the live map of the servers, the residences spot that are in the left side and bottom side doesn't appear. And it kinda bother me because my residence are on the left side. And other thing i found is when you go to the wasteland maps, the black spot, i thing they were the chunks that never were loaded so i went there but they never changed in the live map.
    I wanted to know if there something with my computer or connection that i don't see.

    Thanks for the help.
    and sorry if i wrote something wrong, i don't write very often in English.
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  2. Dynmap is glitchy as it is. In the Wastelands, you need to place a block for the chunks to update, maybe do a bit of mining while you're there. Chunks don't load just when walked on to reduce lag and prevent people being trailed to their bases.

    Idk about the town part.
  3. As Penguin said above, you need to place at least one block for the chunk to actually load in the live map. I suggest bringing a stack or so of dirt blocks with you in any adventures you go for in the wastes and occasionally place them down as to keep the chunks loaded. :)

    I am not sure about the town part. My live map appears to be fully loaded and working well. :confused:
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  4. thanks, i will do that next time i go to the wasteland... :)
  5. actually there is a bug here! Thanks for the report. Town is currently limited in size on dynmap, ill bump up the limits.
  6. oh, ok... :DThanks... :D