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Discussion in 'Business Listings' started by Sefl, May 22, 2023.

  1. Looking to give jobs for people on EMC

    Will be buying materials from people for me to sell.

    Let me do the leg work of finding places to sell stuff you've gathered!

    Any questions DM - Sefl -

    Available Jobs
    Tree Chopping
    Stone Mining
    Villager Trading
  2. Do you have any plans for making bulk requests/orders for your workers to fill? Because I could get in that line.
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  3. can i pay you to follow me while i build a nether rail and you kill all the hostiles?
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  4. Mainly Boss Killing is offered in chat. But bodyguard services? That's a niche that's not usually advertised. You'd need team, so there's always someone online when you are ... hold on. Why aren't you building near the nether roof where it's safer?
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  5. Not really orders but rather trying to find out what people's skills are and what they enjoy gathering. Depending on what I've got in back stock will change the prices of what I'm paying! I plan to auction some stuff that gets gathered here on the forums.
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