Bite in a box

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  1. I have trapped the rare and elusive bitemenow15 in a box on jcplugs 1st res (on smp2) come take a look and enjoy
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  2. Must free him but can't not at home atm. Calling Liam Neeson to come rescue you Bite.
  3. he likes his new home. it has a library, a toilet, a master bedroom, a kitchen and so much more
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  4. You must add pie or else it will die.
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  5. no, it is fine
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  6. Give it pie or I will have to force it to eat some pie.
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  7. w
    to be honest, ive captured all of smp2
    including myself
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  8. ; - ;
  9. now it looks more happy
  10. 'it'
  11. It-It's Very good ice cream sandvich I must say :p
    That's why she quoted what you both said lol :p
    You talking 'bout pie and everything, yet you encode Ice Cream Sandwiches into your messages. I told you Pies were Lies.
  12. I noticed the sneaky w?
  13. not me