Birthday Spending Time!

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  1. As some of you might know, tomorrow or today ( depends on time zones ) is my Birthday! ( August 30th )

    I have decided I might give up all of my rupees ( 74k ) or spend them on something worthless and dumb. :p ( Dont even think about asking for a " Donation " )

    I will be buying LOTS of random objects from anyone. Just pm me whatever in the who-haw you have and you want me to buy!

    P.S I will not buy the following : Dirt, Cobble, Stone, Diamonds, Redstone, Villager Eggs, Enchanted Axes, Enchanted Shovels, or Enchanted Pickaxes, Any sort of dye, Gravel, anything in bulk.
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  2. what about gravel lots and lots of gravel P.S. just joking anyways HAPPY BIRTHDAY
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  3. I have some Lapis at 7291, SMP3. :) Happy Birthday! :)
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  4. It is undecided if im leaving or not. Maybe just taking a break, or not. Its a choice I may have to take because of school, sports and other activities.
  5. by all the dirt you can:eek:
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  6. Take a break. I can't see another member go.
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  7. Happy birthday! I have books! With words!
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  8. I hear you. I just love this place to sillies!
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  9. Let's celebrate our Birthday's with Cake, in a Cake house, on a Cake residence, surrounded by Cake.

    Because every party needs Cake! c:
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  10. Happy birthday! And I have some stuff you might want to take a look atā€¦pming you
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  11. You can buy stock in my residence!!!!!! :cool:
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  12. You jsut brought Roblikescake to my mind.......
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  13. reminds me of rob :(
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  14. Let's eat cake in honor of roblikescake!
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  15. Happy birthday to you pig friend. :D
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  16. Now im sad........ WHY DID THE CAKE MAN HAVE TO LEAVE (caps were for Rob so noone get mad)*get mad and rob will run his f-14 into ur house*jk
  17. Im buying any enchanted swords!
  18. how much for a smite 4
  19. 1004 !! Come buy us out! We have stonebrick, SLIMEballs, glass, glowstone, emeralds, diamonds, gold, iron, lapis, redstone and more! And buy stuff from our enchant store !
  20. Alrighty then Terry! :)
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