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  1. In my opinion I think that EMC should give you a promo on your B-Day on the server. For example, if I have been on for 365 days I could do /promo B-Day and you can claim some pre-made cheesy EMC item. Since the game is linked to the site the B-Day promo should be claimable for 24 hours starting at midnight in his or her time-zone. If that is too much of a hassle it would just be in the eastern time zone. The item would be a cake with the title being Happy Birthday and the lore being From EMC!
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  2. yeah sounds good cause my b day is soon
  3. I like the idea, not sure how they would be able to enter this into it, but if they can, it would be a nice addition.
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  4. A re-names cake? +1
  5. This seems like a good idea, however, this would mean that a new promotional would be given out every day.
    I just don't see how it would be coded, either. I like the idea, it just needs some work.
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  6. yeah it would have to be a promo to a particular person and it would be a hassle for staff
  7. but if they can work out a way to do it it would be great :D
  8. +1,000,000 due to my Momentuses!!!
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  10. The Idea of this is that you feel special rather than allowing you to make tons of money
  11. ya
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  12. Please don't go off topic
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  13. Cool, people that just have had their emc birthday will complain though, cause they haven't got it
  14. I don't intend to make money. I was just pointing out that there will be a lot of items given out every day.
  15. I will make a fancy pants item for you JZH1000.
  16. k than...
  17. Do u like dis'? Here- Birthday Cake.png
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