Birthday Party!

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  1. I am not sure where to put this, but I assume here is a good place, since it involves a community member, and her birthday. Her name is Erosego, and she is turning a year older. I'm not sure if I am allowed to reveal her age, but I will state that because it is her birthday, at 9:00 EST everyone should show up on smp5 to celebrate. If you can't bring her a gift, I'll happily provide gifts for you to give her..
    Why, you may ask.. She is my bestestest friend in the whole wider world, and she totally deserves it. She is the reason I came to EMC, and even started playing Minecraft to begin with. So..

    Awesome birthday party on SMP5 at 9:00 PM Eastern Time.

    Lot number is 10670!

    I hope to see you all there tonight. ;)
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  2. I will try to be there!
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  3. But yeah, if people don't want to/can't afford to bring her stuff, just let me know, and I'll throw something your way if you want to give her a gift. :D
  4. This could be fun, if I don't forget.:)
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  5. woot ! party !! ill be there @845 .
  6. Congratulations on another year around the sun! I may not be able to give you a proper gift tonight... or be on at all. But consider this picture of a bunny as your present from me to you!

  7. I'll be there, granted my track meet doesn't take ages. I'll bring a suitable present (I think).
  8. Will hopefully be there!
  9. One hour until showtime. Will anyone else be coming? o.o
  10. Me
  11. Can i give her a small gift
  12. hey max, i might, question, does she enjoy diamonds? c:
  13. Yes.
    And yes. =)
    Hope to see you here! We added in a new random light up/musical floor.. And I tried to spell out "HAPPY BDAY Erin" but it's backwards. Shame on my bad wool writing skillz.
  14. 45 minutes left! Who's coming?
  15. I will try to be there
  16. I swear, I'm driving as quickly as I can without getting pulled over :)
    (Stopping for gas right now, don't worry. I'm not EMC-ing while driving xD)
  17. I'll be there. Is there anything she "needs"?
  18. Needs.. I've probably bought her everything she needs.. >_>
    But uh, well, I.. I have no idea.
  19. Thanks for coming to my birthday party you guys and thanks for all the birthday wishes and presents. I hope everyone had a lot of fun, I know I sure did. :)
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