Birthday celebration- Hole in One game

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  1. Hole in one rules

    *answer trivia questions first, and correctly
    *then you'll have a chance to jump and land in the center of the target
    *if you do you win a Prize

    Credit goes to: Nighthawk368(might've misspelled it)

    I'm plan to hold it on May 10th (tomorrow)
    Sometimes life plans get in the way so don't get mad if I have to cancel last minute
    If not may 10th
    then 11th if not 11th definitely Next Saturday

    On that note I will also be having a birthday give away (winners get ruppes)

    1st place-5k
    2nd place-2.5k
    3rd place- 100

    How to enter:
    Post below with the following,

    Question for me
    How long have you been playing
    And what is your favorite part of emc

    I will be using
    To pick the winners :)
    please only pick # 1-1000

    I will do the drawing on May 28th 2015

    Also, want to give a present? Donate to
    Im not begging to you do NOT have to if you don't want to
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  2. Reserved for me to announce the winners
  3. Reserved for me to answer questions

    I found this server on

    I changed my profile pic on may 10fh it is a linkachu
  4. IGN boozle628
    # 1
    How did you find EMC?
    3 years as of May 31
    Favorite part of EMC? The community of course. ;)
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  5. SteamingFire
    When did you change your profile picture and what is it o_o
    I guess a few months? >.>
    Hmm, the people, yes, the diversity... Also it's incredibly well-made and well-customized.
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  6. I got my very own PC last summer (June) so I don't have to use my moms and I could finally download mc
    So I played on a few different servers before emc but they weren't as fun as I hope, so I kept searching for good mc servers on,
    And came across this AMAZING server. And now I only play on this server :D (on occasion I will play with my sis on her server)
  7. Today actually XD, it is a Pikachu and link combined called "Linkachu"
  8. Bump party is starting in 5mins /v 6029 on smp3
  9. Bump had fun, the give away is still available to enter
  10. nuclearbobomb
    Whats your RL name
    3/4 of a year

    Edit: couldn't come to the event, my brothers birthday got in the way.
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  11. shanekas
    Almost half a year now
    I really love the forums and the community. I like the hard-work that the staff has done for me too. :)
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  12. Ok sorry hard time keeping track of my book marked forums.
    I'm drawing the winners now
  13. Alicia :p
  14. 1st place