Birthday AMA Win 15k!

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  1. Hey guys, so my birthday's coming up! :) And to celebrate, i'm going to be hosting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with a 15k lottery. So, the rules are as follows:

    1) You can ask me anything.
    2) You get the number of your post. (Example: If your post is number 18, you GET number 18)
    3) The list of numbers goes up to 50.
    4) Winner will be picked by
    5) The winner is the first person it lands on. If it lands on an empty space, I will keep doing it until it actually DOES land on someone's number.
    6) I will pick the winner at 8PM Empire time (Or EST) on Oct 18th. Don't worry, if you're not on and you win, i'll still pay you. (If you would like to donate to the pot, put it in 1944's donation bin or let me know if it's a rupee donation)
    7) No alts. Also, here's a list of the numbers.

    Winner Announced! The lucky winner is...
  2. HOws your B-day so far?
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  3. Any number will do for me. Also, how old are you gonna be? :)
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  4. Have you ever flown a kite?
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  5. Today is not my birthday.
    I'm going to be *bleep* years old. Sorry, I don't give out private info.
    Yes, I have flown a kite.
  6. 27 What is your favorite type of music?
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  7. 29. Do you play either TF2 or Dota 2?
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  8. #33 please

    How did you find EMC, what is your most favorite building on the whole of emc?

    Doughnuts or cake? or Pie?
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  9. 13, and what brought you to EMC?
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  10. Reason behind your name?
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  11. That's awesome, thanks so much and happy early birthday! :) What is your favorite type of owl?
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  12. I'd have to say, I like electro and violin music. If any of you have heard of Lindsey Stirling.. She's awesome.

    I don't know what Tf2 of Dota 2 are :/ Sorry.

    My brother showed me Emc. Hence, why we joined on the same day. My favorite building.. It's probably made by you. I can't decide, since you make so many awesome buildings. Cake! Cake! But doughnuts are delicious too.

    Above answer ^

    Thank you =) I haven't really studied owls much.. but I like snowy white ones. And no, it's not because of Harry Potter. I simply like the color white. Same with horses, though you'd call it grey.
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  13. I love snowy owls as well. :) I'm also a fan of the burrowing owl, though. :) They're so cute!
  14. 45 please, Do you like Sugar Cane?

    Edit: oops thought we could choose out number. I guess ill get 14
  15. What's your favorite minecraft horse colour/pattern?
  16. 24 please :) Whats your favourite building style? (e.g. Modern)
  17. I have never seen real sugar cane.. but if you mean in game, Yes.

    Favorite horse color is white.. but again, you'd call it grey! Who came up with that rule?!

    I like Modern buildings and also, homey things. Like a cottage.
  18. Happy birthday! Can I have 20 please and what's your favourite colour? :)
  19. Happy birthday! :)

    What do you like doing on EMC?
  20. My favorite color is light blue.

    I like designing, building, decorating, and living in the wild. Of course, there's a lot more, but those are my favorites.
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