Biome change ?

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  1. I was wondering if anyone has had a senior staff edit to make their res a flower forest.
    If so, did flowers still only spawn in certain x,z coordinates like they do in natural flower forests or do they spawn randomly?
    That is, normally in a flower forest if you put down bonemeal in certain areas you get only tulips, and if you walk a few blocks and bonemeal you will get only allium. I want to pay for this, but only if there's some way I can make all the different flowers there.

    I asked senior staff if they could individually pick and choose blocks for flowers, and they said no :p, but I was wondering what the results would be if I just made the whole thing a flower forest.
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  2. My second res, 14011, was made into a flower forest by krysyy and I was explaining to her how flower forests work(what you explained) and no, you can't pick where flowers form.

    With my res it's pretty spread out but the flowers come in groups, but can spawn at any y level. If you catch me on later I can show you some examples if you'd like. :)
  3. sounds cool but i'd mine flowers and use bonemeall on teh grass :)
  4. Thanks. Are the odds ok of me having every kind of flower that way? I was going to see if I could get a tiny patch of swamp too.
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  5. in the flower forest Grass blocks can spawn one flower only, no other. let's say the red tulip it can only spawn on that block and they tend to be in groups of 2-10 in so differnt areas of the biome will spawn differnt types of flowers in. You will never get a differnt flower on a block that has a red tulip spawned on it with bonemeal areas, typically in groups of 2-7. If a block can spawn a orange tulip it will NOT be able to spawn any other type of flower.
    Xisuma has a great video of explaining this.
  6. Thank you. I will look for that. So no amount of changing it to ocean and back to flower forest would get me allium if I don't have it? This is a big 20,000r risk then?

    I tried to just get WorldEdit and experiment myself, but I can't seem to get it installed properly.
  7. Well, I'm just going to go ahead and do it. I think between here and my messages with senior staff I know what to expect. I'll post a picture of my flowery res afterwards in case anyone else is curious.
  8. You cannot have multiple biomes on your plot. It has to be one biome.

    To install worldedit, use the server pluggin one, works fine :D
  9. I've got my res, 2200, changed to flower forest. I get a different set of flowers each time I drop bonemeal.
  10. I got the res edit, wound up with every flower, though none in big patches.
  11. How do you mean, "drop bonemeal"?
  12. You can have more than 1 biome on a res. they just get changed in a per chunk basis by senior staff if you choose so. I know chickeneer did it on one of my reses so i could get 7 xisuma flower farms in flowers forest biome and 1 flower farm in a swamp biome
  13. I've already told him this. He wanted to do flower forest first to see where the flowers were.
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  14. Yeah thanks. I brought the question here since I'd pestered staff enough. I'm pretty happy with my flower forest.

    I don't have to do whole chunks for a biome, do I?
  15. If you lay out what areas you want what, we can work with you. Please try to make it as easy as possible