Biography of JustinGuy

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  1. 2011-10-25_22.29.09.png Hey guys just some info about JustinGuy that i kept bugging him about
    so here it is:
    Gender: Male
    Age: I Dont know lolz
    Activites he likes doing: Playing minecraft, running minecraft, making face book games
    Personality: Very kind, until someone gets on his bad side
    Other info: He was in the Navy!
    Thank u JustinGuy for the info!
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  2. do you mean Navy?
  3. that lolz
  4. why are you trying to light justin on fire?
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  5. lolz! no no i not
    i just crafted a flint and steel and so happen to be carrying it
  6. The only info I can add is that Justin is an ethically sound individual. Booted a man seconds after he tried to ruin my farmland, then he replaced all the lost pumpkin seeds. Class act all the way.

    Oh Justin if you're reading this: Go Army!

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  7. Lol he is kind for most part... which is long part
  8. justin is the man and tank i agree with the army statement grew up in a army enviroment....nothing wrong with the navy though they play as equally of an important role as the other branches
  9. [removed by request of Justin]
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  10. Ill i got to say this thread is just creepy... I think justin will agree :p
  11. It might get that far x_X ...... Justin we might need to put you in protective custody
  12. Creepy... haha
  13. Jeremy your next RUN WILE U STILL CAN!!!
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  14. >.> lol public facebook pages
  15. I feel like we're getting d0x'd by Anonymous right now.
  16. Y'all have no idea...
  17. bob is givening me some creepy vibes i will not lie.....but eh w/e