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  1. Send your Shout Outs.
    I'll kick it off with
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  2. #BigShoutOutToMyMom...ForGettingMeAComputer
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  3. you have to start with #BigShoutTo....
  4. #BigShoutToHashhog
  5. Fixed it
  6. #BigShoutOutToAllThosePeopleWhoStillReadWhatISayEvenThoughMostOfItIsUselessAndGenerallyDumb
    Many its hard to type like that.
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  7. #BigShoutOutToMySMP8Wives
    You guys know who you are :rolleyes:
  8. #BigShoutOutToMySelf! KEEP BEING AWESOME!.... I need a life...NAH I DONT!
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  9. #BigShoutOutTo- Sidewalks for keeping me off the streets.
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  10. #BigShoutOutToNickkG for showing me Minecraft and EMC which eventually ruined my life...
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  11. #BigShoutOutToMySmp5Ppls
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  12. #MassiveShoutoutToMyTeamSpeakPeeps
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  13. #InsaneShoutOutToLuckygreenbird- the best friend a guy could ask for, the friend that's been there since the beginning of time, keep on rockin and being a great friend comrade!!
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  14. #BigShoutoutToEveryoneForLookingGreatToday
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  15. #BigShoutoutToMyMom,Dad,Brother,Sister,Patr1cV,PinkCaker,Kaizimir,Suriyakeng,AWW1010,OliverBenji,ChickenDice,ChickenButlerAndEveryoneElseWhoIForgot :)
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  16. #BigShoutOutToRainbowChinForBreakingThings
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  17. If that is true we are the same
  18. #BigShoutOutTo My Cat, for waking me up in the middle of the night by jumping on me and knocking stuff over. You're the real MVP.
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  19. wat
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  20. One of my wives is a guy, too :p
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