Big'o'list of Enchanted Pickaxes!

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  1. Big'o'list of Enchanted Pickaxes!
    Welcome to my official Enchanted tools forum thread. I will list down available pickaxes available for purchase and their prices next to them. PM me here in the forums or meet me in-game in SMP5 before you pay! My rupees history is very busy so its highly likely I wont find it.

    Available Enchanted Tools (All tools are DIAMOND!):
    Unbreaking III - 1,500r
    Fortune III & Efficiency IV - 9,500r
    Efficiency IV - 1,250r
    Efficiency IV - 1,250r
    Efficiency IV - 1,250r
    Efficiency V - 1,500r
    Unbreaking III, Fortune III, & Efficiency V - 25,000r
    Unbreaking III, Efficiency IV, & Silk Touch I - 26,000r



    I will have the other tools soon, but for now I have a list of enchanted pickaxes.
    The prices here are accurate according to the economy. If you say ANYTHING about other people selling these items cheaper, guess what I do not care and you will be excluded from purchasing anything from me and you will be ignored every possible way. This thread is purely for people who are interested to buy.
  2. Update: Added another Efficiency IV diamond pickaxe.
  3. Nice title, and nice picks. :)
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  4. It takes allot of time to get a level 50 lol. Sometimes I even miss and I get aggravated :p. Also all those pickaxes were enchanted by level 50. The unbreaking and the efficiencies were level 50 too :(. Sometimes the enchantment fairies are not happy.
  5. Wow the unbreaking III eff IV and silk touch is awesome! little expensive though...
  6. Are you buying picks?
  7. Nope lol, sorry. I'm selling them
  8. Update: Added Efficiency V diamond pickaxe.
  9. Update: Added Unbreaking III & Efficiency IV - 2,750r
  10. I might be interested in that one...
  11. Level 50 isn't worth it.
    46-48 Best enchants :)
    Well thats whay Dubzy1 told me.
  12. When did I say that? I don't enchant below 48.
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  13. You are interested on that one. Buy it lol!
  14. Con, you should delete the update post every time you make a new update post. :p
  15. I am not trying to spend any unnecessary rupees though
  16. Im buying it :p
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  17. Im interested and i can afford it
  18. So pm me if you want to buy any picks