Biggest Summer event! Do not miss!

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  1. I'm planning a Mega DP for this summer
    Date is still to be decided

    As some may know I have been buying unwanted items from people (NOT including dirt)
    And that hasn't really worked out well because
    1. Not paying attention to the signs I have set up some people insisted I payed more because they have lots of "rare" or "vauleble" stuff even though the signs say rares and vaulbles don't change the price, in the end I pay them so I can have more items put towards the DP.
    2. My money does not grow on trees, the fore I'm now not buying anymore unwanted items.

    When did I decide to do a Mega DP?: Well I've always loved attending and holding drop party's, and then when I .attended dramanya's DP I started to want to have my own DP like that but MUCH bigger, thus the next day I started collect and buying trash/unwanted items. And then the Mega DP was formed (well the idea).

    I love giving people items, and having DPs. And I think DPs are a great way to get everyone together to socialize and have fun jumping, running, and goofing off while catching free items.

    Please donate to this Mega DP, anything (except dirt) Is accepted (even ruppes to buy items for the Mega DP)
    All donations are appreciated
    Thanks for your time

    Edit: I think this is the biggest post I've ever done XD
    2nd edit: you can donate items at 6029, or mail em to me (I can't pay for fees though)
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  2. Please donate

    Thank you again
  3. if you need a place to throw it 12002 is open atm and with some minor modifications should be able to hold roughly 100 d/c's of items
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  4. Sweet thanks I will defiantly look at planning it there
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  5. Summer for you, Winter for me :p
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  6. I will donate :p
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  7. I'll give you 1k rupees if I have the time.
  8. i can drop by with some stuff you can drop for your dp
    is there like a donation chest or so?
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  10. Chespinlover77 it was dramanya's drop party i was just a helper :p
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  11. :eek: ok :3 I'll change that thank you ;)