Biggest and Best Shops on Each Server

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  1. 1.

    Who owns the best shops.
  2. +bulk is probably the best shop on SMP8, and has a good variety and stock.
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  3. 7500 or 6697 on smp3
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  5. My shop isn't on that list anymore...
  6. If your shop is still up and running, just make a post on the thread or PM Matthew some time, I'm sure it was a mistake and that he can add it back!
  7. shavingfoam has no competition on 5
  8. You had only previously submitted requests for shops 16130 and 3470, and +Frozen at 16343. You closed both of those shops and locked the doors at 16343 so all were removed from the primary list. :p

    I did get your PM today and will list your new shops and attractions shortly.

    The Shops and Attractions primary list is only as good as the info I get from shop keepers. I do a thorough update every other month, removing shops no longer in existence and moving some that are temp closed/derelict to the "additional" list. I'm always looking for new shops to add.

    BTW, if you're a shop keeper on the list, feel free to bump the thread once in a while or provide an update about your shop! I typically only bump it on Friday afternoons to catch the weekend crowds.

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  9. Lol, I did remember that earlier. I had added my smp8 shop :p Thanks!
  10. Smp9 /v 18262
  11. SMP6 /v 12221
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  12. +Epic
    Cheapest items :p
  13. Well, there is /v Johndeere89 ... :) Not as big, but still pretty nice, and bulk buying and selling is welcome appreciated. Suggestions and complaints are welcome as well. Not to mention, once when asked what he thought during a tour of the place, Mr. Foamy himself said "not too bad" :) Words of praise from a seasoned shop owner if I've ever heard them. I think i need to put up a testimonial sign haha.

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  14. In my opinion, my shops are the best on every server. :p I always have plenty of stock and pay fair prices for things, and you can buy/sell freely.

    If I had to pick other shops I would say shavingfoam, M4ster_M1ner, Sgt_Pepper, Silken_Thread, and MrColt45's Hoard/Mob Shop. There are lots of other smaller ones I also like a lot, but these at the main big malls.

    I miss the bulkshop that used to be on SMP7, 2000, and deathconn's mall.
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  15. I'm shavingfoam's official brick block supplier (you'll see that where he sells the brick blocks) :). Plus 10225 on smp5 isn't to shabby either.