Bigger port at frontier so horse fits in gate

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  1. Like title saying. I was happy I had enough rupees to make my horse back to egg, but it wont go back the the frontier gate :/
  2. You can use /stable store and /stable summon [number] to get your horses around. It costs about 100r for a part of it, for more details, check out the Wiki if you are unsure or ask someone who knows about it. Hope this helps you.
  3. Ok, thanks a lot! I will check it out for sure.
  4. I am sure the Frontier will hopefully get a PRA reset and with it the new outposts soon.
  5. I have had this same issue. A work around is to type /frontier n or /frontier s etc or /waste center /waste e (center, n, e, w, s nw, sw, ne, se)

    I have never been able get /frontier center to work, I just keep typing /frontier (or /wild same thing) until it randomly takes me to the center spawn.

    once you are near spawn you can type /home or /town while on your horse to get back to town.

    Make sure to stay on your horse at when at the spawn point....sometimes I get an error message if I try to mount a horse while close to spawn point.

    Hope this helps.
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