bigfoot? space? oh! i know! goldfish!

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  1. ha! i've tricked you!
    this has nothing to do with the boogieman!

    ....wait, what?
    ... that was an evil thing i did just there, pure evil.

    anyway! here we go again! ONLY this time, it isn't my res that needs digging out!
    ignoramoose wishes to rid his res of dirt as i did mine!
    - since my project of blasting and digging only took a few hours to do
    (because i had so many helpful diggers!) ^.^

    FREE DIRT to those who wish to dig, whatever the amount you want, for however long you want :)
    destroy perms are open for all
    i promise there will be fun, as there always is fun in EMC :D

    possibly looking to buy, if needed

    don't leave any dirt undug! all must go!
    he wishes to get it finished by the end of this weekend
    destroy perms will be open to all until res is completely destroyed of all dirt!

    RES 3881 on SMP 2

  2. I'm going to replace all the dirt that everyone else digs out. :eek:
  3. I suggest using Efficiency IV or V pickaxes, they go hog wild. =)
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  4. those do work rather well also
  5. >.> too early for a random title lol jk anytime is perfect for randomness :p

    I'm close to Lvl 30 I enchant a shovel and do some digging :) when I get on
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  6. Actually, because its for Moose - I'll help. I hit lvl 30 in about 10 minutes, so I can enchant whatever you need :D
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  7. That's why it's only destroy permissions :)
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  8. My wife may be able to get some awesome discounts on bridal gowns. I'm going to bride Max to give me perms :p
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  9. Another one Batt? :O - I'm still out of shovels from the last!
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  10. And I can't even pay people to dig out part of my res, geez :rolleyes:
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  11. I won't let people go unpaid for helping - don't have to worry about that.

    While your wife may be able to get discounts - i don't think she'd be happy with you BRIDE'ing max. Aikar might have some issues with it too.
  12. the last time someone had their res setup for digging, i replaced all the dirt xD
  13. I have 16 tnt for you to help
  14. If that was directed at me, don't worry I would happily do this for free :)
    Just saying that I can never manage to hire someone for digging my res.

    And also, I'm willing to get some TNT together for donation as well.
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  15. I just went there and no one was digging...
  16. Well I wouldn't be on till 5ish or so to do some digging :)
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  17. I could stop by with some TNT like a good stack or so.
  18. The mega-mall is making me get 18 fps on your res.
  19. i can't dig right now, wont be home for another few hours, sadly. lol i'm just letting everyone know to go kill his res. lol
  20. Also bring handful of hard hats and ear plugs , safety first :p
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