Bigdavie's Last Ever Monday Mob Arena, April 14th

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by BigDavie, Mar 31, 2014.

  1. Due to real life issues I am having to stop hosting the Monday mob arena. My last one will be on Monday 14th of April. I am hopeful I can pick another day to host these.

    Since it will be my last Monday mob arena, I want to end with a blast. I am planning on having several extra rounds and ending with a Grabfest! (I fill all the winners chests with loot + give everyone container flag = mad free for all). I will be providing the majority of the items in the chests along with some special rare items (e.g. my head x2, a peice of my diamond pyramid and random blocks that can be redeemed for rupees) but have put aside some room for player donations. I know many of you love to include some personal touches to these giveaways. I have set up some donation stations on smp9 res number 18019. I am accepting player heads, serious donations (e.g. unused enchanted items, story books, etc) and silly items (must be renamed sillier the better). If you include a signed book listing your donations I will give credit in this thread.
  2. more details to follow
  3. Sweet! I'll donate some items when I get home!
  4. well you can count on me for some epic donations!
  5. Sorry to hear about the issues, Davie.

    I will be sure to attend, like I have with most of your Monday MA's, and I am sure it will be a very fun finale to finish off :)

    On my half, I would like to congratulate you on holding the Arenas and having them be so successful. I have personally very much enjoyed them and I know many others have too, so, this is a big thank you on my behalf! :D
  6. I've decided to make the grabfest it's own event.
  7. I heard a rumor you are stopping Monday and possibly moving to another night, could this be true?
  8. It does look like wednesdays are available, but I want to settle into my new routine before I make a decision.
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  9. So what time would this be starting if grabfest is at 10 PM UK time? (I'd like to know how much time I have to get done with school for the day before this starts :V)