BigDavie Books

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  1. I heard somewhere you can turn them in for 6k to celebrate 60,000 forum members.

    Is it true?
  2. I don't think you can, I know mr. David has signed books for people. I own a book signed by almost every moderator, admin or senior st.
  3. You have my dream :(
    I think i'll collect all the admins
  4. I have a davie signed bow
  5. Good look getting JustinGuy's :p
  6. I know, right
  7. Hey how do u get them? Do you ask them?
  8. I am talking about books called Bigdavie that are blank signed by BigDavie
  9. umm, ya i think we know, but i was asking how do u get them?
  10. I've never heard of these books, I think someone might of been trolling in the chat. But I haven't heard any contest about a Bigdavie book.
  11. Dark, you can't sign a bow. You can rename a bow, but not sign one.
  12. I've already asked for one from JustinGuy.
  13. he named it

    he literally took it out of my invent, and renamed it
    "davies bane"
  14. Have you heard of the "Edit" button?
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  15. Clam down. It's ok, thought I might of said something. :p
  16. I'm using a really small keyboard, I can't help it. Auto correct cuts in also.
  17. Get him to authenticate that he did it, and then I will stop thinking of you as a liar. :)
  18. The only one I got wrong was the 2nd one.
  19. Lets on go too extreme here.

    And no, I have not heard of this mystical edit button, what does it do, Create explosive sheep?