Big SMP8 Project, Coming Soon!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Mman, Jan 15, 2016.

  1. Hello everyone Mman here, not a ton of people know this but a few months ago I acquired an SMP8 Spawn res and have been trying to decide what to do with it for a while. I've gotten a few good offers for it but I think I have finally figured something out.

    One thing that I'm pretty known for on my home server of SMP7 is my 2 museums (at 14002 and 14006) so I figured I would bring my museum fever to SMP8! Now I could do a promo museum, head museum or rare item museum. But I've already done all of those things, so I've come up with a new idea.

    Introducing Mman's Player Created Item Museum
    This museum will consist only of items renamed by other players. Below will be a form for you to submit your own item! There will be a small cost for you to donate your item to account for the 2 blocks, chest, button and item frame the item will be places in (hopefully about 20r).

    So you might be thinking wow, this sounds pretty cool, how can I help this happen? well right now I'm in desperate need of cola blocks and glow stone blocks to outline the walls of the res, if you have any please pm me on site! also if you donate I'll give you a shout out on this thread! Also I will be posting pictures here of my progress.

    TLDR: I'm making a museum with player created items and need glow stone or coal blocks.
  2. How are you going to organize everything?
    And will you just be accepting any renamed item, no matter how dull? >.>...
  3. Still ironing out the details, right now I like the item design at 14002 and there will be a few requirements to get a museum in (1 per person, tag line included, name included)

  4. real blocks or cans? i might also have some bottles :)
  5. I have more glow stone than a person could need how much do you need?
  6. Coal :p
  7. As much as you can spare
  8. Sent you a pm