Big playlist of Note Block songs I created. Updates frequently!

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  1. ^^^^ Click on the image to go to the playlist! :D ^^^^
    I have been working on these for roughly a year now, and have about 100 more songs going to be uploaded. I'll be updating the playlist every time I upload new songs.

    I hope you enjoy these, although they are mainly Touhou cover songs. I do have some original compositions in there as well!

    You can listen to these while building stuff on the server or gathering resources in the wastelands. Thanks!

    • I use a program called Note Block Studio to make these. Most are done by ear. Some have a hybrid midi import + tweaking technique to create the song.
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  2. I like them! I think it would be cooler if you did some videos in Minecraft too, though. Sure, the quality might seem less good, but it adds a lot of feel to it if it is actually recorded in Minecraft. Now it seems more like just a midi soundfont.
    I really like these arrangements, though! I'll be trying to listen to some original compositions too, sometime soon.
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  3. Very Nice, I would have loved more harmonic songs.
  4. I did this for the first two songs I made, but afterwards problems came up. I was making too many songs to keep up and it took roughly 30 minutes just to put the schematic into the game and record. I have a bit of tick lag when recording ingame as well, so the music clumps together and doesn't sound right. I then have to do a re-take.

    I could probably do it ingame just for specials.
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  5. Ah, I understand. One in-game occasionally would be nice, though! :) But I've experienced the tick lag too, it makes the music sound very clunky at times.
  6. I'll see if I can record one in-game but sync the music up so it doesn't sound clunky.
  7. That looks like minecraft note block studio just updated. What is the program called?
  8. MCNBS Mod 1.2

    It's a private mod done by myself.

    Here's an in-game one I did for my 200 subscriber special.
  9. This is still an active project, I've been uploading once every two days (not every day .-.)

    I took a month break, but I've improved and released my MCNBS mod.

    I would appreciate feedback on the playlist still.
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  10. This is real cool! Keep up the good work!
  11. If I had a request for a note block song, would you be able to make it for me? I found an already made note block song on YouTube that I like, but the person does not offer a world download. However, in the description they have a link to a youtube video of the song they based it on.

    Just wondering if it would be possible for you to make it and offer me a world download of it? If you would like I would be willing to compensate you in-game for your work, if thats something you would want.

    Anyway, just let me know! :)
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