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  1. Hey! I am looking to get a few between residence edits and I have a few questions.
    1. If I want to leave something that was already there (like the trees) is that re-built or is that left there during the edit?
    2. If it's not left there, will I have to supply blocks to build it?
    3. I need the exact number of blocks for the build? No more, no less?
    4. How do I get permission from the people who's reses are next to the road I want edited? Do I just ask them, do I need proof they said yes?
    5. Can I send the Staff member a picture of what I would like done and they use that for the road? Or do I need to tell them exactly what I need?
    Thank you!
  2. 1. They will just leave it
    2. Already answered
    3. I don't see why you would need more block but you need the same amount of blocks used
    4. I guess you just ask them, idk
    5. Best way to do it it build it somewhere on EMC and tell the SS 'its at -----'
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  3. 1. The trees and lamp posts will not be touched unless you would like them removed.
    2. If they are left then you do not have to supply the blocks.
    3. Pretty close to the exact amount
    4. You can ask the people or add them to the convo on forums with senior staff regarding your path edit.
    5. You can send senior staff a picture or build an example on EMC. I provided pictures of my build and it worked out well. :)
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  4. Lets see what I can and cannot answer, but please keep in mind that some things heavily depend on the actual edit which you want to have performed.

    Was or is already there? If it is already there then that most likely doesn't count as a rebuild, so you also wouldn't have to supply the materials for it (question 2).

    That's what I usually did, yah. But if you have a huge build then I doubt that senior staff minds if you provide too many blocks. Keep in mind though (this is a guess on my end): there is a chance that you'd lose them that way. Still, from what I know the Senior Staff won't be uberly strict here, but obviously it does heavily depend on the kind of build.

    Example: you have a large build and it required 3DC's of stone bricks. You deliver them and when counting it suddenly turns out that you're short 1 (or a half) stack. Once again: this is a (somewhat educated) guess on my part but I have a hunch that such issues wouldn't be much of a problem.

    Example 2: you have a smaller build, it takes 3 stacks of stone bricks. And you manage to supply only 1.5stack. That could likely / possibly turn into a problem.

    I'd sent them a PM ("start conversation" option on the forums, see the menu in the upper right corner) and explain what you want, why you want it and how it affects them. If they agree with your ideas you can simply tell the senior staff about having permission, and if they need proof you can then simply add the specific staff member to the conversation so that they can see for themselves.

    Can't really answer because it heavily depends on what you want changed.

    As a rule of thumb: the senior staff member will need to know what to do. So if your picture explains everything which needs to be done then that is likely sufficient. But the important thing is: they need to know what has to be done.

    Example: say you want the road edited but you also want to add an open section somewhere below the road (between 2 residences). In this case merely sending them a picture of the changes which you'd like done to the road won't be sufficient because it wouldn't show what you want changed under the road.

    But if all you want is a gravel road with a specific pattern applied (just trying to come up with an example) then it might be enough to send them a picture of the pattern after which they can apply it.

    But bottom line: the main thing which counts is that Senior Staff will know exactly what you'd like done.

    Hope this can help you a little.
  5. Thank you all! Just one final question, what if one of my neighbours has gone derelict? What do I do then as far as asking them?
  6. I guess you wouldn't ask them because they are derelict
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  7. Okay. Thanks! That's all I needed :p
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