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  1. Hello all, I came to realize that new players ask A LOT "How do I add people to my res?" then players have to go over all the different flags types, commands, etc etc with them.

    Now, I know players can just go through the easy /help system but for some reason that doesn't make sense to them :p

    Also, even using the /help, it still doesn't list EVERY flag type. Maybe other then using the /help system to list the flags there could also be a /flags or /list flags command that would list everything about flags, adding people, etc etc.

    Also, /res pset <Username> <flag> true, false, or remove is a very cryptic looking command to new players and is hard to remember.

    Other then have that you could have something like
    /add <username> <flag> true, false, or remove
    /res add <username> <flag> true, false, or remove

    So what do you think?
    (So.. its that time to press that "Create Thread" button and see what people say..)
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  2. Also, /res pset commands would stay

    (Did threads glitch out again... ;-;
  3. Square brackets are finicky. There ya go, fixed.
  4. Thanks
  5. You're finicky... :p

    I love the suggestion though!
    Another suggestion could be an option for an in depth tutorial about a certain subject.

    Perhaps a book explaining each feature available in /help or an exclusive tutorial just for each feature in /help
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  6. Hmm, interesting..
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  7. A GUI would also be nice. It would make life easier for the command challenged new users. Names could be inputted in a way similar to the mineplex friend adding system. (an anvil GUI with a sheet of paper that could be renamed to be that of the desired player for free) Adding that player to your residence managing GUI would allow you to turn flags on and off (using an interactive GUI similar to that of vouchers) (excluding admin flag) under that player's spot on the list. It would also display a warning message before changing a flag. I understand that this could be difficult to code, but it would be really cool for new and old players alike. :)
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  8. Could potentially use "add" as an alias for pset.
    Due to the extreme complexity that is the Residence commands - we are currently very limited on making it more usable. I am hoping to make progress on converting and integrating it into the regular Empire Command system (allow for tab-command completion), but the single hang-up is figuring out how to handle the option of -
    /res pset <Residence> <Username> <flag> <t/f/r>
    I more new-user friendly guide, especially ingame would not hurt. I do not know how to make it easier to understand though. I am to technical minded :/

    I have had a great amount of ideas related to this type of suggestion. Unfortunately only ideas, not actual code :(
    Ex: /res pset ChickenEar. Brings up a Chest interface to toggle various flags for the residence you are standing in. There are other specifics which are quite fascinating, but I will not elaborate as several projects need to finish first.
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  9. Hmm, I have no coding experience but, could you somehow make it to where the /add command would just be a short-cut to /res pset?

    I know this is probably just one of those noob statements but its worth a try :p
  10. Technically possible. My only concern is that it is such a specific use for a 'command alias'. I could see a justification maybe for /radd. Maybe
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  11. That sounds like a /radd idea.
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  12. auhh bump?
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  13. Why?
  14. Your idea with the book is a good idea.
    But, from what I gather the issue at hand is new players ask questions about the residence commands right?
    New players are going to ask questions, because they are new of course.
    The current system makes sense, and there is the wiki on for further explanation.
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