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  1. Ok i know Emc is a non pvp server. But could there be a new world added devoted to pvp. I'm always seeing stuff in chat about the different smp's being at war and people arguing about what server would actually win. So could something like this could be made with protected areas for the different servers to have little faction like outposts?
  2. or to just make it easier could an event be held at the pvp arena on smp6 to allow the servers to battle
  3. I don't think this would work out well, taking into consideration that EMC is a non-PvP server, and that is final, which is why many other people, myself included, joined the Empire in the first place. Also, to be able to run and maintain another server/world is very hard, and we've already got a bunch of smps running, so I don't think it'd be a good idea to open up another world just devoted to factions (again, taking into consideration that EMC is not a factions server or PvP server)

    Not the worst idea I've ever seen, I just don't think it'd be a priority right now.
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  4. thats what i was just thinking so ima just try n figure out how to hold events at the pvp arena
  5. We have a public member events forum you can set up your own event in to help organize efforts better.
    While we've got ideas on some fun PvP ideas, it would not be our primary game play. It would be another on the side optional thing, but the major pvp ideas are so far down the ToDo list past all survival related stuff but its unlikely to happen due to time limit. We are survival first.
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  6. The "server wars " is a joke just some people having fun. And they do have Pvp events server against server on smp6
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