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  1. Everyone I am looking for the best shops in the Empire. So the Top 5 shops that i see will win a prize as shown:
    Please say a res that has a good shop. You could Win. Good luck.
  2. Click the link in my Signature to EMC Shops and Attractions.
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  3. From my experience, here are the best malls

    SMP1: 2000
    SMP2: 4005
    SMP3: DrewRadio's mall (forget address /v drewradio)
    SMP5: Shavingfoam's mall (also forgot address, /v shavingfoam)
    SMP9: 19000
  4. ok well seeing how NZScruffy already has something like this. the challenge is off.sorry
  5. i know 3 859 858 and 1145 :D
  6. Like i said challenge is OFF due to someone else already having this on. I was trying to come up with something unique. But he beat me to it. lol
  7. Doesn't bother me if you wish to continue. I'm always looking for more info on shops and attractions. These things change all the time. I've literally just deleted 2 major malls from my list due to player going inactive, or the res being reset.

    I'll even front you the money if you can get me any shops not already listed on my thread. :)