Best shop in the empire

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  1. Reply on this thread if you think you have one of the best shops or know a really amazing shop everyone could check out!!! Please list the smp and res #.

    Thanks :D
  2. SMP1: 729 and 1783
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  3. :) Right on the money
  4. While probably not best I am rather proud of the shop I share with Zeke1o0o(That's One Oh Zero Oh). Smp7, lot 14869. Please PM us for special orders or other concerns.
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  5. Smp4: /v 9000
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  6. I have to that are some of my personal favs-
    12588, SMP6
    Call_Me_Dejaja, SMP6
    12300, SMP6
    1783, SMP1
    1215, SMP1
    9000, SMP4, and finally,
    729, SMP1
  7. I am proud of my group of shops:
    smp6 - 12006
    smp9 - 18882
  8. "best" shop is always hard...

    I think it can be done rather simple by rupees earned/spend (highest possible) along with hours used to restock and how often you are out of stock..
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  9. I dont think there is a "Best" shop ill give you some good priced/stocked
    smp 1
    smp 2
    smp 4
  10. 4269 smp2 :) but the new mall one smp1 of mine will be unbelievably "good"
  11. 729 smp1, 1783 smp1, 1797 smp1, 1559 smp1.
  12. I'm going to be checking out a lot in the next few days!!! Make sure to restock and don't forget to post more great shops!!:)
  13. 5015 on utopia WILL RULE YOU ALL when its finished of course
  14. That should indeed be a meme, since its what people always has to say, and guess what always happend? ;)
  15. I've been told my shop is good.