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  1. Hi all,

    I recently have become a member of this awesome server. So far, so good: I feel a little more confident in the different worlds and now I have been reading into the concept of maintaining a store.

    Ok, so regarding to the tips and tricks I understand that it is most useful to specialize in a (set of) product(s). Therefore this thread: what is my best option to sell if I have to choose between:
    - Wood (I now have oak,jungle,spruce,birch)
    - Cows/Chicks/Pigs (meat?)
    - Watermelon / Carrot / Wheat / Bread / pumpkin
    - Horses

    ==> Also other suggestions are very welcome, but I don't want to sell massive amounts of resources that require mining, that is something I might try later.

    Thanks for the help!
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  2. Well, a lot of people sell farm goods because of how easy they are to get. I recommend, if you feel safe in the nether, going quartz hunting in /nether waste and selling this quartz at your shop or directly to malls. This stuff goes for a fortune. Go use a fortune pick if you have one. But don't take it into the nether. Just take a silk touch pick into the nether and leave th fortune in town, and take an ender chest so if you do die, you have at least put all the quartz away.(store quartz every 5 minutes or so.)
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  3. There is one material that is always in demand that few people think of: stone. Lots of people need stone for buildings, but don't want to take the time to make it. Fortunately, it's very easy for a new player to make, and can be a good source of initial income.
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  4. Thank you for the answers. I'll try to focus on stone then. Since I am not too advanced in the game yet, I don't have the supplies to produce a silk touch pick. If I do, I'll certainly try your suggestion.

    Besides mining stone, i'd also like to try wood/food/animals (as stated above), which one is the best?
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  5. I think wood would be a better seller than food or animals.
    Most depends on the pricepoint that you set, however 2-4r per log seems to be the 'average'.
    Jungle seems to go for a little more.

    If you don't have silk touch, just cook the cobblestone to get smooth stone. Lava buckets will cook 100 pieces!
    Hit me up this weekend if you want to see a simple autocooker that can use coal, lava, etc...
    (Or look behind my wool building on 14377, and you will see the chests/hoppers/furnaces)
    Works great while doing other farming at your res so you do not have to keep up with furnaces.
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  6. Also, acacia wood seems to be the best wood to sell right now :)
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  7. Stone and Wood are in high demand always and are easy and safe to get. If you do feel ok going to the nether, glowstone and quartz are good too.
  8. Here is some items i find i use the most and are always sold out
    -Stained Clay ****
    -Stained Glass
    I tend to use all those on my builds, and they are always so hard to find a place that is instock,

    Edit: I go get all my own Quartz, so i dont buy it. But its also sold out, aswell as Lapis,
  9. I can donate a nice silk pick if you want to help get you started
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  10. WOOD!
    If you want one product that you can always turn over, that would be it.
    • There's no substitute for wood in tools, chests, signs, item frames, doors, fences, crafting tables, or ladders!
    • It's one of the most common building materials.
    • There's no risk of death.
    • You don't need much to get started.
    • If someone asks 'who sells ___' you are still in town to answer.
    • You don't have to go out and buy wood to build your shop.
    If you decide to do wood I can let you use my diamond axe. If you want to do a supply contract and get rupees regularly send me a PM!
  11. Out of all of your list I see people asking for horses the most! I personally think the other stuff is too easy to get! :)
  12. Chopping wood with a diamond pickaxe? :confused:
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  13. Wood stone and cobblestone. I buy all the cobblestone and stone I can get my hands on ( at the right price )
  14. Wow that are a lot of useful answers! thnx guys! I'll work on wood and stone, and am definitely interested in the silk touch, i'll sent you a PM. Also, I would be interested in the wood-contract, but I can't supply in high demand yet.

    Still have to do some research in pricing the products but I think that is a matter of finding avg. prices etc. I also like the auto cooker highland! nice work.

    When I'm a little more confident I'll try mining in the nether. Lets get started :)

    (i also probably go for breeding horses, haven't been playing MC for over 2 years and missed the whole horse update, they seem to be awesome hehe)
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  15. There are a few tree farm designs that make farming wood pretty easy. If you're on SMP4 I can show you or let you use mine. PM if I can help.