Best Gaming(Minecraft) Recording Software?

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  1. After using Fraps for a couple of months, I have came to the conclusion that Fraps DESTROYS FPS. I can go from 70 frames and once I press the record button, drop to 20. I have tried Bandicam but still am looking for better software that has good quality and doesn't eat FPS. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. :)
  2. Hmmmm, Ezvid, I'm using that to make AMVs...
  3. My fraps doesn't destroy fps so not sure what it does to your computer.
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  4. Action is what I use.
  5. Pretty sure its not just my computer.. other people and YouTubers have stated Fraps ruins FPS and I have even tested this.
  6. You have the most updated fraps?
  7. Your probably recording 1080p Fraps, AKA full-size. I am almost positive, Ted, that you use half-size. I suggest Dxtory.
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  8. Bandicam and Dxtory are the best I've used - which one works best seems to be different for everyone.

    I've got Bandicam setup using a practically lossless codec (99% sure its called UTVideo), and it's quality is next to perfect. Bandicam only sucks when left on defaults.
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  9. Do you know of a website for Dxtory/Bandicam codecs? That would be nice because right now I am trying Dxtory but it takes 1 GB for 1 minute of footage.

    I just installed UTVideo, but it installed multiple types of UTVideo codecs such as YUV420. Which one do you recommend? Also when I go into recording, it doesn't show voice.
  10. I use UtVideo RGB VCM. It's kinda a pain to find the codecs (AFAIK, UtVideo doesn't even have a proper website), but Lagarith is the other one that lots of people seem to use.

    You're still talking around 1ish GB per minute, but that's pretty much unavoidable if you want good quality. After editing/compression, the files I upload are only around 350MB.
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  11. Unfortunately I thought dxtory costed over €1000 because because of an error I made calculating valuta, so I'm stuck with Fraps.
  12. You sound like one of those fake accounts on Yahoo who are like, "Have you tried [blag software name]? No? Then here is a link! Trust me, i'm an employee at Microsoft!" :p

    I would personally reccomend either Bandicam or Dxtory. Finding the right settings for them were difficult for me, but they work beautifully in the end :p *now to just find the right games to play and figure out when its 'safe' to record :p*
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  13. OpenBroadcaster is the best program out there hands down.

    You don't need to use it to stream, just hit the start recording button instead of start streaming, saves it in small files with nearly 0 performance loss.
  14. I know how to fix that.
    1. Go to Movies Tab in fraps
    2. Go to sound capture settings and make sure it says Multichannel.

    Also make sure you don't have lock FPS on wit ha low Capture Rate
    Edit: Hope it helps!
  15. Maybe I am one ^^