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  1. There is always digging down as well so long as no land appears to be surrounding it. ;)(You'll have to be the judge of that). Otherwise you can judge based on the building's volume, or even its floor space :).

    Edit: I know there are already existing contenders who have built massive buildings with qualities fitting the definition of a true "building" (enclosed totally by walls or glass, has several habitable floors), but yet they don't reach the height limit.
  2. The building contest is considerable, but I don't know if we can wait long enough for anyone to make some huge.
  3. If so I'll reserve the idea for "Empire Records" if such a thing ever comes about, lol. :D
  4. Idea-Bridge burn event-there is a bridge and the goal is to get to the other side of the bridge and if you fal off you are out, here is the catch, the bridge is made of a flammable material (Wood, wool, ect.) and the bridge is on fire. First to the other side is the winner.
    Edit-there could be a chest on the other side and you loot the chest
    Who likes my idea?
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