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  1. Ok, so this is a EMC contest.
    To win this contest and recieve 10,000 whole rupees all you need to do is think of an awesome contest idea and me and xHaro_der (if he doesnt mind) will pick the best idea and you will be the winner of 10k, when i/we pick the winning entry i will hold that cometition on the forums.

    There will be a grand Prize for the person who wins the contest or arround 100k, Donations will be much apresheated, all donations will go to the winner thanks so much.

    Please post your ideas below and any questions you may have, please post the name of your contest and a description of what to do/what it is.

    Thanks Creeper_Lord.
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  2. Contestception
  3. That's what I said :p
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  4. Make a triathalon. Multiple events (i.e spleef, horse race, Live map art etc)
  5. contest idea: best live map art
  6. We are looking for things long term. For example, things such as winner of parkour or whatever is NOT what we are looking for. Keep it to things that would take a while to get through :)
  7. Best looking outpost
  8. Then make it a weekly or monthly thing like someone is trying to make horse racing a thing
  9. Biggest and most complex redstone invention that'd benefit all of EMC.
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  10. big build challenge mega mall edition, people enter to make a mega mall the most iconic and best mega mall wins but if you wanted something cheaper maybe a small shop contest
  11. Must go to the wilderness on a certain server (preferably the least griefed up one) and without any items/tools (Can't have anything in their inventory except for food and a sword). Each participant must go and get at least one of each dye and add it to a block of wool. The winner is the person with all 16 colours in the end wins
  12. Tallest building in emc, include individual server winners for town and/or wild and then an all around winner.
    The contest might take a few weeks or months but it could have amazing results.
    So this is tallest building, not tallest tower or pillar.
  13. _________________________________________________________________
    Well, the tallest you can get is 255 anyways. Not a bad idea though.
  14. Most creative thing to do with a small number of materials maybe?
  15. You should recreate a temple/dungeon from one of the legend of zelda games...
  16. 16 dyes would takea while with no tools.
    You'd need cocoa beans from a jungle, cactus from a desert, bone meal, ink sacs, and tons of other rare stuff.
  17. Make a creative build using only one kind of material each week or month or whatever. Example would be you have to make a build out of only wool one week, out of only stone stuff one week, wood one week etc.
  18. Contest ideas:
    • A new adventure. Make a story of something surreal to happen in minecraft. Could range from unrealistic to very realistic.
    • Have people guess for a word, and if someone says it, they get a prize. Could relate to a personality trait of someone on the empire :p
    • Big tree contest: Make an awesome huge res sized tree.
    • 1,700 blocks 1.7. Build a structure with exactly 1,700. Awesomesauce one wins.
    • Easter Egg hunt: Edit past posts of yours with clues to an easter egg hunt. This would lead people all around the empire forums and in game.
  19. We want something where each person has to do something individually. Something where we have to deal with time zones, live judging, etc.
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