Being hated for your skin?

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Should we Stand up?

Totally! 13 vote(s) 68.4%
no its a terrible idea keep being hated for your skin 6 vote(s) 31.6%
  1. so recently i,ve been talking to some people on emc and they said: i,ve been being hated for my skin or i have been hated for my skin. What do i think? We should STAND up if you like the skin WHO CARES! its your way to play just as EMC says dont let other players bully you for your skin play your way and enjoy!
    - your friend cow spyro :D
  2. People think I now troll people with my troll face skin
  3. I thought this was going to be something related to racism
  4. nope not made to make anyone made or be racist its made to make a point :)
  5. I don't think I've ever been hated for any of my skins. But sometimes when I wore a girl skin, people would tell me I'm cute and give me things.
  6. Yes! I have done that before in a sense for the heck of it. Just say you are a girl and everyone will automatically go easy on you.

    It is actually hilarious when you tell them you are a guy afterwards.
  7. It is so much fun to do this on a really popular server like Hypixel. I swear some people legitimately try to pick up girls on there.
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  8. I remember this was very early on in my time on EMC, so this was practically how I was welcomed. Ha ha Things did eventually get better from there on, though.
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  9. Relevant Signature?
  10. If I'm right your skin is kakashi and I love that <3
  11. I am pretty sure it is actually a popular YouTuber's named Etho('s Lab). Of course it is Kakashi too though. ;)
  12. I did that in DayZ because I kept getting killed if I didn't.

  13. People don't hate on my skin, but I did hear some people laugh about it on Mumble the other day because they weren't exactly sure what it was :p It's a rainbow creeper skin with a white suit on it, and they thought I was a nurse xD I see where they're coming from but it's just my original rainbow creeper skin with a white suit put on... Anyway, yeah, you shouldn't be hated for your skin, that's a bit silly >_> Unless your skin is blatantly something offensive or something like that, which I'm 100% sure it isn't in your case :)
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  14. Plus who cares how about what other people think… if you like the skin, thats all that matters :D
  15. Skins are how you're supposed to express yourself man, like, what I think is that skins are basically political speeches minecraft players give 2 each other, and if they don't like ur speech they can go vote for the other candidate! It's a free country u no.

    That's what I think.
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  16. Dang it I voted the wrong answer I want to stand up.
  17. After viewing this thread, I checked Minecraft and saw this:

  18. My skin is Consuela from Family Guy, and people seem to love it and love me :')

    (that escalated quickly)
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  19. I guess I need to clarify more often that I'm a girl :p Also, your skin is something you choose to display, so the only opinion that matters is yours. If you like it, then it's awesome.
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