Beautiful Wild! a look at the beauties of the empire

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  1. Dear visitors,

    I would like to invite you to join this wonderful empire! It is a safe and friendly server with very strict rules against griefing, so if you were to be griefed, everything would be fixed. This server has lots of beautiful builds and sights that you must see. Here is an album of some of the sights

    Your fellow minecrafter,
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  2. Pretty pix.... add 13470 :D
  3. ?
  4. Wait, so you're posting on the Empire Minecraft forums telling people to join Empire Minecraft? :confused:

    (Small side note: Items are not actually spawned and returned to you by staff after a griefing)
  5. I'm just showing them what beautiful things can happen on this server.
  6. Nice album. Btw where is that in the wild?
  7. smp 8 credit to Luckygreenbird, Schlaf82, and Brenjone
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  8. give most of the credit to Schlaf82, he worked tirelessly on those and the cathedrals are his designs
    And unfortunately there WERE two very large wooden ships but they were burned by griefers.
    it is straight north of central smp8 frontier spawn
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  9. When I took the shots I was amazed by the build. It was a fun trip because I never knew what amazing building I would see next.
  10. Dont forget to give credits to Casper8472 as well!!! he have built alot of that..
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  11. and xxcapmanxx was there too right?
  12. anyway, glad you liked our place porphos! it took a while to built it!!
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  13. I could tell:)
  14. woop woop, rep dat smp8
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