Beat this

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  1. Trust me, this took a long time (The exp)
  2. Oh my god ahahah and I thought I was good with my 60 levels!
  3. Umm... MIND BLOWN!
  4. I must ask what type of xp farm you use?
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  5. oh my gosh I'm jelly milky
  6. Such a random number lol
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  8. Melk, I think you need to stop and take a deep breath for a second
    Go get some wonderful enchantments on all the gear ever made
  9. In 1.8 each enchantment will cost 3 lvl's instead of 30, I'm thinking ahead :DDD
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  10. a lot of lvls, what are you using xD
  11. very nice, bet that took a long time :D
  12. A VERY long time
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  13. well done then :D
  14. :eek: wow just wow thats awesome