Can you afford a beacon

Yes, right now 25 vote(s) 65.8%
No, but I can if the price is 15k 6 vote(s) 15.8%
No 7 vote(s) 18.4%
  1. I can not afford a beacon and a lot of people can not. Lots more people are going into the nether to kill the wither and get the nether star. I think that since more nether stars are being acquired, the price of beacons should go to about 15k. I can not even afford that, but still with the prices lowered, more people will be buying it, meaning more customers for the sellers. So I ask you. What do you think?
  2. I am pretty close, but I am sure it will take some more time for the price to get THAT low.
  3. The price is whatever people are willing to pay. If people can find customers that give them an amount that more clearly reflects their work, I don't think many will settle on cutting that amount in half just so others can buy them.
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  4. It's kinda like dragon eggs before Aikar's update. They were a symbol of extremely hard work.
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  5. It's supply versus demand. A lot of people have plenty of rupees around and are willing to pay 35-50k for a beacon. Like kevdudeman said, I doubt that anyone will be willing to take half price for their work on obtaining the skulls. Just like people won't sell off diamonds for 20r each.

    That's still valid. The update hasn't come out yet. Even afterward, they will still be a symbol for sure. Just as these are now.
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  6. And dragon egg prices weren't cut in half just because everyone wanted them, right?
  7. Dragon Eggs aren't sold
  8. I've seen an auction or two about them.
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  9. They most definitely are. I did not kill a dragon, yet I have two dragon eggs - and they definitely weren't free :)
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  10. You have 10 eggs - Didn't you have to give them to EMC and get 5 per egg back?
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  11. I thought it was 20 per O.O
  12. It is 20 per. And we don't have to give them up - we're just getting the new ones additionally (so we can hold onto them until the update rolls out).
  13. I suggest that the 100 dragon eggs (from all the owners) be used to claim as much land as possible, as close to the spawn as possible, to create nice lava walls:p
    /and the joke rolls on...
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  14. I suggest you look at a thread by 72VOLT who showed what happens when you think of something like this.

    Namely http://empireminecraft.com/threads/smp5-massive-excavation-project.10595/
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  15. Got my beacon old fashion way took me about 3 "long" hours collecting heads. I can see beacons staying around 30k-40k due to hassle you have to go get the skulls. If you think 40k is expensive without the bukkit fixed they would be around 75k.
  16. Beacons are good at where they are now. They weren't meant to be affordable for all of Emc to have. They take tons of time to get and is a dangerous business to go out to the nether and potentially risk a bunch of stuff trying to get your either skulls. It would be like going to a Ferrari dealership and telling them "lower your prices I want to buy a car" . It just wouldn't happen.
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  17. Look at the gray text ;)
  18. I want Ferrari right now no money up front, 0% interest, and pay only 100 bucks for next 5 years with 10 year warranty. Lol
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  19. err about the diamonds i did once, for 3 months. roflol
  20. im withya. GO CHEAP CARZ!