Beacons 10.4k at 10959 Need I say more?

Discussion in 'Selling' started by TuckerAmbr, Aug 26, 2016.

  1. Beacons 10,400 at 10959
    Possibly Cheapest Price ever on EMC
    Only 50 in Stock
    Need I Say More?
    At 10959
  2. not ever, they used to sell for just under 10k at one point..
  3. Coming to waste all my rupees , be right there
  4. Smh. I only just see this thread. And I'm at the dentist. Ugh.
  5. I sold 100 in about 30 mins. Out for now sorry.
  6. Ah, that's teh reason a few persons sold "a few" beacons to my shop, something that didn't hapen in about one year :p
  7. That's funny. How much did you buy them for?
  8. and thats why my buy price has never topped 10k
  9. 15Kr, but I'm out fo ruppess at the moment :p
  10. Guess the middle man has to make a living too
  11. I only needed 4 and not 1 was left *sad face*
  12. Kippy0158 bought like nearly all of them :S
  13. Actually, there were 4 people that each bought at least a dozen. I plan to put some more out by the weekend.