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  1. I was asked contstantly "How do I get a beacon?, How do I get Wither skeleton skulls? How do I kill the wither?" I got kind of annoyed by all these people asking the same question so I thought I'd create this thread and every time soemone asked me that question I could just post a link in the chat to the thread. Here's the
    The Guide On How To Obtain A Beacon

    First You Will Need 3 Wither Skeleton Skulls
    To Get The Skulls You Must Kill Wither Skeletons

    Step 1: You must find and kill a Wither Skeletons. Wither Skeletons are located in nether fortresses. (Wither Skeletons drop the skulls you'll need to spawn the in the Wither Boss) Wither Skeletons don't always drop Skulls. The Skull is a rare drop and it might take a while before you get one. Wither Skeletons spawn as frequent as Regular Skeletons spawn in the overworld.

    Spawning The Wither (The Exciting Part)

    Step 2: Once you have obtained all three of the Wither Skeleton Skulls you'll also need 4 pieces of soul sand to spawn in the Wither Boss. To Spawn the Wither Boss you'll need to place 4 Soul Sand down in the shape of a "T", then you place 3 Wither Skulls across the top of the Soul Sand "T". Now here's the tricky part; Actually killing the Wither. You'll need to suit up in a nice set of diamond armor, and a good sword. (unless you're Chuck Norris of course) The Wither has 300 Hit points (150 Hearts) So it will take a lot to kill him. He shoots explosives and can do a lot of damage to the surrounding areas. (You can have someone kill the Wither Boss for you. Here is a link for more details: ) After you have killed the Wither Boss he will drop a Nether Star. The Nether Star is the key ingredient to making a beacon.

    Making The Beacon

    Step 3: You will need 3 Obsidian, 5 Glass, and 1 Nether Star to craft the beacon. Once you're in your crafting bench you place 3 Obsidian across the bottom, the nether star in the center, and glass on the top 3 slots and in the 2 sides also. That will make you a brand new beacon. Enjoy your new beacon. I hope this information helped you!

  2. First!
    Also, thanks. I was wondering about the wither skeletons. :D
  3. Make sure to add wither skeletons spawn in nether fortresses!
  4. It's in there. on the first line. Didn't you see it? hehehe
  5. im guessing u posted this for me. lol
  6. I posted this for people that don't know how to get a beacon :)
  7. Can you find wither skeletons in already loaded fortresses or do you have to find a new one?
  8. Already loaded I believe.
  9. Yes you can find them anywhere now.
  10. Took me about 3 hours to get 3 skulls but got my last two within 5 minutes of each other :D. The Nether just got better with this update
  11. It will be ruining the price of beacons though. :(
  12. Good, I hate that having items that only the mega rich can afford.
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  13. So i spent about 4 hours gettin 6 wither skulls and killed the wither twice on smp6 but no nether star dropped either time, are they disabled or something? Or they dont drop one every time? Plz help this is really frustrating!
  14. what is the average price of a beacon?
  15. It's still up in the air some have sold for 75k and quite a few at 40k after the bukkit fix. Only thing keeping this item such high price because of the harvesting of the Wither skele heads even with a Loot 3 sword takes alot of time to collect 3 heads. Wither Heads dropping are very rare i think i killed around 40 of them and only got one head out of it lol and 2 hours of my time lol
  16. They drop 100% of the time. I killed 4 Wither Boss' last night and every Wither dropped a star. I have no idea what you're doing wrong.
  17. When you kill the wither he blows up his own star, pretty much what is happening to you.
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  18. Update: I think the fire aspect ii with the smite v might have been causing the star to get destroyed, just used a regular smite v and the star finally dropped for me :D
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  19. To lazy to read, but it looks like you put a lot of work into this! Good job.
  20. 2.5% chance of getting a skull

    also easy way to kill 1 is just stay in wilderness protection no need to waste your valuable diamond armour