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  1. hey there everyone!

    i've come here to discuss something very important to me, so please join in at any time. :) so here it goes!

    this morning, i found some old drawings that i made while i was still in high school, when i still exercised my creativity on a daily basis due to assignments and so on.
    ever since i graduated i just kind of slipped into a depressed kind of state and i stopped drawing.. 5 years later it upsets me to see that every time i try to draw i hate everything that comes from it..

    i have been a very creative person since i was younger and all through my years until i graduated.. i was in my high school's art show numerous times, i even won first place at an art gallery that showed works from people around the area who submitted their things. i had an opportunity to move a few hours away on a $50,000 scholarship to an expensive art school.
    i don't know why i haven't been able to draw correctly since then, but i'm not liking it.
    when i showed these found drawings to a close friend of mine and i said that i can't draw like that anymore.. he said he didn't believe me. i just can't. i try, and i hate all of it. i don't know why.
    out of practice? lost my talent? i don't know. :(

    so i came up with this idea! to post a thread, asking you, to give me assignments to work on.. perhaps the practice you'll give me will help me get back into the want and need to have to draw like i used to.

    so if you have something you'd like, like an avatar, or whatever it is you're looking to have drawn (please just be something legit.. nothing stupid or random just to give me something to do. something you sincerely want drawn)

    i've attached some photos of drawings i have done, i have many many more, but i'm pretty sure that my father has kept most of them or they were lost or trashed, haha.

    i will try to find and post those when i find them!

    horses, my obsession.. have been mostly my main focus of art for most of my younger years.. hundreds of plastic horses sit in a giant tub, fences and barns, and other random farm animals.

  2. Wow that horse is... amazing!
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  3. can you draw a punk-rock looking guy sitting in front of a pair of speakers and a turntable with headphones on?
  4. So cooool~
    Keep drawing :p Moarr

    Edit: Don't take requests, please
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  5. well i don't know if i'll do anything requested, i just want ideas to try to attempt.. and if i happen to finish something someone has requested i'll post it.
    i just don't know what to draw, or even if it looks right.. i dunno.. then i just crumple it into the trash and don't even look at my sketchbook again.
  6. Omg, wow! I'd love to see that last picture of the horse finished! It's so beautiful! They all are!! :D
    Keep drawing!!!! :) :) :)
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  7. I think you absolutely shouldn't throw a drawing away. If you're not content with it at first try you can redraw it, but then just keep what you have. Never trash a drawing of yours before keeping it for a while or showing it to us :)
  8. i know this isn't the best thing ever, and i'm certainly not the best at all.. but i drew this the last few days.. first thing i've really drawn in a long time.
    thought i'd share :)

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  9. If this is you when you "can't draw", then I am extremely inferior.
  10. well thanks? lol :oops:
  11. Egads - the best I can draw is most likely something along the lines of a stick-man with four fingers on each hand, no toes and a nose-less smiley face.

    Your drawings are truly beautiful. I hope to see more soon. :)
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  12. Umm, Caden Arent humans supposed to have 5 fingers? Or atleast 4 fingers And a thumb? How can you be noseless????
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  13. That's exactly how horrible I am at drawing. ;)
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  14. Well i don't know if you want to draw this but...I really really want a logo...for my YouTube channel ill be starting some time soon, But my name for it is "RighteousPulse" and i was wondering if you could draw a logo to do with a Pulse, Any kind of pulse really. Or Just any Logo I can use, It can be anything if you dont want to do a Pulse.
  15. if i get time, or get in the way of ideas for it i could attempt it. is it righteous as in awesome or righteous as in a religious type of way? if you know what i mean?
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  16. Sounds good :), And I think of it as in like powerfull if that makes since haha. But I want to see how you think of it, So you just do you. And do it how you think it would/should look.
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  17. Ah I See:)
  18. meghs... draw me anything. Literally anything, any time. Leprechaun spoon-fighting an anthropomorphic stalk of corn, the world re-imagined if the Mayans never died off, or like, a tiny, super adorable cat. Whatevs. I will cherish it forever and incorporate it into my sig somehow.
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  19. Can you draw me a special horse? With a santa hat?
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