Battlefield Hardline TOO MUCH MONEY?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by generalfelino015, Jun 25, 2014.

  1. Purchased Battlefield 4 for the ps3 when it first came out... said had digital download for the ps4 for $9.95.
    Missed the window of opportunity (expired in march)...

    So, purchased Battlefield 4 for the PS4.
    Also purchased the 'Premium' pack for the additional monies.

    They raking me over the coals...
    Speaking of which, I still have yet to play BF4 on the PS3... somehow all my gaming time seems to be spent elsewhere these days!
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  2. I played Battlefield Hardline in the BETA as soon as it got announced at E3, and from what I can say from playing it. It's the worst Battlefield so far in my opinion and it looks very "cheap".
  3. BFH is a reskinned BF4, It has no new UI, mechanics or similar or new ground breaking features, unlike BF4, which was a completely new game compared to BF3, BFH just feels the same, but with worse guns and bad game modes. I'll stick to BF4.
  4. sambish20 in all fairness to battlefield hardline it hasn't even came out yet so to bash the looks of the game right now isn't very reasonable.
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  5. Cod Ghosts looked horrible compared to how it looked when it came out
  6. But it's still a terrible game :p
  7. Well then again guys it is the beta so you can't really complain as of now. Not choosing sides or anything. The graphics for BF4 are terrible on the PS3, and only really look good on new gen consoles and PC. Imo
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  8. it also takes up a RIDICULOUS amount of memory, copies a lot from BF4, and honestly, even if I was getting great performance on it, I wouldn't spend a penny on it. It's basically another battlefield game, but with stupider game modes, a pretty boring map (that i've seen), and it's terrible at balancing the levels. You have to get killed A LOT because everyone else has good weaponry (the amount of different guns is pitiful) and you have a crap pistol and an SMG or something.
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  9. It feel's like a BattleField:Arcade!
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  10. Although I haven't been following the game that much, it feels more like a filler game created to get money from fans while the developers work on battlefield 5 which will likely be amazing.
  11. I pre-ordered Destiny instead.
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  12. I can see that from your signature...:p
  13. LOL
  14. At this point, Hardline is a Hard-nope from me.
    I really hope they come up with a better price/quality rate.
    EA, focus on Multiplayer or get out! xD
  15. Also, I found this video.

  16. I don't see it being overpriced cause most games these days are overpriced
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