Battlefield 5 and Upcoming CoD? What do you think?

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  1. So I've been far too interested with all these leaks that are coming out for both upcoming games, just wanted to spread my affection for both series with you guys. We only have until Tuesday to see if the CoD leaks are true or not. So, go ahead and put down your opinion below.

    Edit: My friend just sent me this YouTube link to a most recent Battlefield 5 leak
  2. No need to be sorry lol. Everyone has their opinions about games.
  3. I think that these "leaks" are fake and they are just trying to hype up the game.
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  4. Not gonna lie, I have thought about this before.
  5. Used to love CoD but now it's just seems like the same game over and over just with a different skin. I can't see my self ever buying another one. Would love to see World at War 2. Go back to the old war.
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  6. Currently (these rumors seem very reliable as theyve been hinted at by IW and the COD twitter accounts), but the rumor is that IW's game this year is a remake of COD4. (Please, Please no future boost jumping... I swear if IW puts boost jumping in the game I am gonna get very mad). However, if done correctly- a COD4 remake could be what brings the franchise back... considering that COD 4 is the one that "started it all".
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  7. We were talking about that at work today. I think it's happening for sure. Mind you I'm still not gonna buy it. CoD4 was Modern Warefare right? I've played it, was the best one of the series, IMO, along with MW2.
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  8. Honestly rn, I'm done with CoD as well. The leak my friend sent me supposedly suggest that BF5 is gonna be set in WW2
  9. First BF game I played was Bad Company 2. Loved every minute of it. I play these games for SP. I have no interest in MP at all. I loved how you could blow up houses and pretty much everything. Bought BF3, finished the SP but didn't continue. Bored of those games I guess. Games like Fallout & GTA are games that I will always buy. Takes years to make and are packed full of stuff to do. There's a new Cod/BF/etc. yearly. Gets old.
  10. Never played COD or Battlefield. Might look into getting Battlefield 5 if it's good.
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  11. I love the Elder Scrolls, GTA, and Fallout series. They're all SP focused. Technically, CoD isn't yearly since 1 out of the 3 companies that produce it have a tri-annually contract that gives them three years to produce a game. They're MP based and don't put that much effort into their games as much as they used to.
  12. I would definitely suggest looking into the Battlefield series.
  13. I like battlefield, don't get me wrong but... the only one I actually liked was Hardline. However, a WW2 setting would be tons of fun.

    I hate the gigantic maps, its one of the reasons that I like COD over BF is map size. Sure, there are more players but the people in battlefield...

    The BF players play as if their controller is set up like the above.... :p Not trying to start a "game war" but just stating my 100% honest opinion.
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  14. I don't hate CoD, but I don't like how it' so fast paced and if you don't constantly check all around you all the time you die. That's why I love battlefield. It's huge, open, not having to worry about what's behind you all the time, the tactics, the vehicles, etc.
  15. You guys can go to your call of battlefield: Modern Ops 5, I will still be enjoying my Team Fortress 2.
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  16. I literally laughed at this xD
  17. BF5 is going to be epic
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  18. Yea it is
  19. do you play BF4?
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  20. Yes I love it