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  1. EMC Players who play Battle Dawn

    Outside of Empire Minecraft, I play a lot of war related strategy games, which inspired the game "World of Empires" by Ethan and I earlier this year which got a lot of good feedback but eventually failed due to adding too much to the game and it got too much to keep up with for both the players and the developers. Anyway, onto the game I'm introducing to the EMC community today!

    Battledawn has three different "worlds" that you can play on, with different eras that contain different speeds of the game and different rules.

    Fantasy takes you back to the time of Kings, Castles, and massive armies of knights, archers, and fantasy creatures! If you enjoy reading about medieval times or playing games based in that time period, you should definitely consider this world.

    Earth takes place in Modern Times, where you can recruit infantry, vehicles, and tanks to dominate your enemies and conquer the world. This world takes place on a map that looks exactly like a map of our world, and you can place your base on any piece of land you want! Want to be PenguinDJ and live in Antarctica? Go ahead.

    Mars takes place on, you guessed it, Mars. This world contains more futuristic units you can recruit, but are very similar to the ones used in the Earth world. The map is an orange landscape, if you're into the whole Scy-Fi thing, join the Mars world!

    The Galaxies version of the game takes place in space where you create your own space station and recruit space ships instead of Infantry Units. Instead of water getting in your way, you have asteroids and galactic ore mines to conquer.

    If you're interested in playing, click the banner below to be redirected to their site.

  2. So... do you play this yourself?
  3. I don't enjoy RTS games THAT much but I tend to be pretty good at them. Of course with stuff like this the meta game makes it bearable. The diplomacy/coordination and of course... backstabbing. I just planted myself on Mars in the world with 2ticks/hr, the lower population one near the west side of the map.
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  4. So I fell asleep after almost finishing reading the wiki... yeah "finishing" I also read about a dozen forum posts and well... I'm intrigued to say the least. I wrote the wiki to a very similar game that was for IOS. I'm probably going to be joining other worlds today lol.
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  5. I saw you on Earth three in Antarctica :p.

    Good luck, let me know if you need help.

    Using the name "The Punisher of HA" right now.
  6. That seems to be the game you see in google ads that

    Never... Go... Away...
  7. Yup I just threw up a broadcast and contacted a bunch of people lol. I figured I wasn't going to have a super influence on my first few games and it seemed Antarctica was mostly abandoned. In valor during my first games I was able to outpace everyone around me in short order until they started the pay to win like it seems os prevelant in battledawn as well. That can get pretty frustrating when you don't have lots of extra cash to throw at the game. I spent around 1300 dollars on valor and after beating almost every popular meta game leader with groups of highly active new people that eventually replaced the "legacy" leaders I got bored. Also, seeing my wiki get uses word for word only two months after being left out of the "recognized leaders" event... well it kind of left a chip on my shoulder. The event ended up being a popularity contest and when you are plagued with constantly winning, especially against the old, popular players, people tend to get upset lol.

    Ok... so it would appear that whatever I did wrong in the first 12 hours I did a bang up job of doing wrong. Maybe I don't got this as well as I thought xD
  8. If you left protection, that was your first mistake.
  9. Says the guy with no protection that is taking over eastern asia lol. I'm about to conquer two neighbors which will give me plenty of time to get the mines, recollect my forces and figure out some sort of diplomacy with that one person that has an alliance down here. You all might even be looking to recruit me once I punch that RiP guy that is down here :p

    Edit: antartica henceforth referred to as "down here" -_-

    Second edit: Day two of playing this game and...

    thats out of like 300... is this good? about that protection...
  10. Very impressive, we may as well be looking to recruit you in the future ;)

    We're at war with RIP right now, handing their asses to them and taking some losses as well, but we should be able to come out on top.
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  11. #Dominating
  12. I have seen. Apparently the whole world has ganged up on you all. I'm about to smite this rip guy down here that sent me a message assuming he can take my mine ;-)
  13. The guys in South America are struggling right now, going to be relocating over there to turn things around in that war. We've got things locked down in Australia/Indonesia/Asia, Middle East is next.

    I sent cory messages on skype... thinking it was you... this is his brothers account yeah? I think, now, maybe. The in game messaging system is awful.
  15. Agreed.

    And no, this is Cory lol.

  16. You left too good of an opportunity for it... Had to do it.
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  17. Welcome to Battle Dawn Chamelon
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  18. I give myself a good 5 minutes before I am anniahlated after my shield wears off.

  19. I'm gonna catch him! you can come watch us on Earth 3. there is quite the commotion going on right now on this particular server lol. One of the top 5 alliances started attacking corys alliance... well that didn't seem to work out so well for them heh. Both alliances have "slave" alliances that they call subs. my alliance doesn't have any slave alliances to drag us down to their level so naturally we are gonna win lol.

    Edit: just jumped to rank 17 as the war that cory's alliance is fighting wages on. :D
  20. Yeah the war is hurting some of our member's scores, but the rank 1 guy is joining us soon and our power will be back up where it is supposed to be.
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