Battle of the Foods!

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COOKED PORKCHOP! 15 vote(s) 44.1%
STEAK! 19 vote(s) 55.9%





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  2. I chose venison but its not there :(
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  3. BACON all the way! Besides we can always turn them into the new and delectable BA-CONES! (Invented by Honeydew Inc. All Rights Reserved)
  4. I agree. Venison tastes amazing
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  5. What's venison?
    These 2 are foods which heal an equal amount of hunger.
  6. Venison is bambi (dear) (not in mc :(
  7. I would say steak, as you also get leather from cows, whereas you only get pork from pigs :)
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  8. You monsters eating Deer?! Its like Chinese eating dog and cat!
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  9. Deer is freaking amazing o-o I've also had Rabbit and Squirrel.

    Steak :)
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  10. Advice: don't try kangaroo. Or maybe it was crocodile, anyway it's disgusting
  11. I no eat meat, I r vegetarian
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  12. I like duck meat thats quite nice...
    I also like most foods (I refuse to eat brusselsprouts or broccoli)
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  13. Alligator is quite good but im not sure about crocodile. And Beef Jerky!!!!
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  14. Well I like steak in IRL…and don't really feel like eating xI_Like_A_Pigx's kind so steak. But I personally like roast beef and duck better. IM SO HUNGRY NOW. :(
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  15. Heh, I choose steak, as long as its bloody and raw, to slap someone with.
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  16. None Of the above its all about COOKIES!!!! Cookie! Cookie! Cookiesssss!!! :)
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  17. .... thats mean
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  18. Go Steak
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  19. Steak is in the lead!
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  20. Pork!

    Jk I chose steak
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