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  1. let us bow our heads and have a moment of silence while we morn the loss of the batman franchise.
    ... my dear and fellow empire citizens, its a sad day.
    Ben Affleck has been cast to play the new batman. we can only hope his equally horrible actor pal that seems to follow him everywhere doesn't get cast as the joker (Matt Damon)

    i cannot even start to express the amount of pure disappointment i feel right now.

  2. X an infinity amount of sniffles....
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  3. but i love matt damon....
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  4. Ben > Bale
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  5. I am so done with DC. I'm only going to watch batman VS superman for superman.
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  6. my poor batman :(
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  7. Hopefully they cast someone who his overly obsessed with batman to become cat girl (is that the name, or is it bat lady :confused:) lawl
    EDIT: this would only make the show better :D
  8. ...wut.
  9. my facebook is nothing but horrible batman memes, </3 excuse me while i pick the pieces up from my broken heart.
  10. poor bats.
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  11. This sucks. I really was starting to like batman. Eh... there are others.... that aren't ruined yet....
  12. May this day live....in infamy......
  13. I have words to say about DC that I shouldn't post here. I only have a couple of DC comics on my pull-list, and shit like this isn't helping their case. Everyday I come closer to vowing to never buy another DC book again. I just want to know who thought it is a good idea to cast Affleck! Seriously, what moron did this?!
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  14. I'm just sitting here in the corner waiting for a Flash movie. Don't mind me while I hope they don't &^%% this one up.
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  15. I don't even know who he is :confused: I quite liked bale, was he just too old or something?
  16. Take your picture's everyone, It speaks!
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  17. It's best that way.
    Bale turned down the role. I respect him for turning it down.
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