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  1. good morning my friends.

    hullo, i am re-introducing myself for all the newbies i do not know.

    i, am batmegh. i used to hang around here 12 years ago, i haven't really ever left, just been.. sneaking around the forums, logging in every so often, trying to organize my collection of junk.

    it has been a long while, i miss you emc. i am not sure if emc is the emc i loved way back when but we're going to give it a shot again (or try at the very least) to get back into it.

    ask me anything your little heart desires.. and for any of my long time play mates, miss you, how are you? annnnnyway, i'll be at the bat cave. ♡
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  2. Welcome back! :)
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  3. bump
    anyway, if you're in the market for stable and vault vouchers i have them for sale at my store on smp7 '15246'

    stable vouchers are being sold for 20k each, and vault vouchers are being sold for 8k each.
  4. 🦇 👋🥲😄
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  5. You're not jokering, its The Bat!!! 🦇
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  6. I remember you :) Welcome back! How long were you away and what was your first impression/feeling, after logging back to MC?
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  7. i never was gone lol i’ve been on the forums almost daily and log into the game a few times a month lol
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  8. Ah :) The post gave me a different impression. Anyways, see you around in-game!
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  9. Welcome back! I've seen your name but I don't think I've ever interacted with you. I've seen your smp8 res a number of times though.
    If I may offer some advice, these will never sell. Vault vouchers are closer to 3–4k now and stable vouchers 4–6k. Try checking Katy's utopia res, +vouchers, for market prices.
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  10. i just went by the prices when you buy them straight from the command themselves. :) i can definitely fix them up tomorrow to be more affordable.
  11. Hi megh :D
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  12. *waves hello*
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  13. Hi Megh, good to see you again. Are you still taking photos.
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  14. Welcome back to EMC :):):):):):D:D
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  15. i sadly just sold my camera and the lens, i was in need of money last summer when things just kept going wrong and the extra $500 helped. and it seems summer is the time for things to go wrong for me, as the last two months i have barely been making it from one paycheck to another. :(
  16. Sorry to hear that. I saw some of your photos and they were very good. Hope things work out for you. I know how living from paycheck to paycheck can be a drag. Stay happy and I'm sure things will work out.
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