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  1. So, A week or two ago I had gone shopping with a few friends and I found some Batman stuff. The next day I told Meghan about it :D I didn't took pictures to show her sadly...

    Today, I went shopping again(Got moar shirts and skinnies stuff) and I found once again this Awesome Batman stuff! (I'm having thoughts of buying the Jacket)

    Sorry for them Being Huge, They look better (Less blurry )when tiny/smaller :p I took them really fast with my phone so yh.
  2. Oh god, Batman fans are coming...
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  3. Just wait until Battmeghs sees this. You didn't need to say @Battmeghs, just Batman was enough to attract her attention.
  4. Oh my dear friend, just you wait.
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  5. :D i can feel the love/hate you have for me when you say things like this. lol

    :)! those are awesome! i have a sweatshirt like that one, but it is all black. i've seen some mugs that even have little capes! they are soooo cute. i do believe i have at least 1 of each kind of item you can wear that is batman.

    i still have yet to find the proper batman lip rings :( which is sad.
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  6. If only they sold these
  7. if only, if only, it would be in my driveway, that is for certain.
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  8. Glad to be of service :)
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  9. I only have three Batman t-shirts. I do have two additional old t-shirts I use just for sleeping in, so I have five in total.
  10. Batman is awesum. I got a Girl Friend that is just like you meghan.. o: Not sure if she has the mugs and stuff but she has many clothe with batman in them.
  11. I'm pretty sure EVERYONE would want these in their driveways. Batman lovers or not, you gotta admit Batman has a awesome car.
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  12. There was an auction on eBay once for one I think
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  13. I
    think it went for over 1,000,000
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  14. look at my new batman <3 hehehe
  15. His torso seems a bit big...

    It's really cool though! :p
  16. he's batman on steroids. lolol ;)
  17. I have batman pyjamas.
    I have batman toys from when I was small.
    I also own a few Batman cartoons on Blu-Ray :p
    I want 'dat batman hoodie :p