[--] Batman: Arkham Asylum

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Maxarias, May 21, 2014.

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  2. Hmm, Looks exciting!
  3. I watched 15m I had to leave after :(
  4. Max is still playing with my crazy ramblings for company, currently Cockroaches are streaming up the walls and Bat's has Red eyes >:D
  5. Very cool max
  6. Awwwww offline.

    Oh, posted awhile back :p.
  7. ^This is true
  8. "man, i hope meghs isn't listening!" xD
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  9. We'll be back later with more "Max Batnoobing it up!" .. Eventually. :p

    *Edit: Basically, I am NOT the world's greatest detective, nor am I that skilled at fighting. This game is a challenge.
  10. that's because I'm batman .. not you, wanna be ;P lol
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  11. Let's talk about who's truly batman around here
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  12. clearly me!! :p
  13. We're up again!
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  14. This again! + Batman hoodie, will be worn with nick5013 commentary!
  15. So then what is your first favorite? my order is:
    1. Millenium Force (best giga around)
    2. Maverik
    3.Top thrill dragster
    4. Magnum XL2000
    Who agrees? like
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  16. I've never been to America, so I haven't tried any of those, but my current list is as follow:
    1. Space Mountain(Paris)
    2. Superman Escape
    3. Arkham Asylum
    I'm expecting the list to change when I go to Alton towers in June :p

    We should probably move this conversation elsewhere :p