bases to claim protection [PARTIALLY ESTABLISHED]

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  1. Hi there,

    These are loong ago established bases, the first 3 are older than a year. All bases are private, not public, but shared with certain players.
    • Big base: Utopia frontier wilderness > 10k distance to any outpost. Centered at an iron farm. Shared with thestar19. This one does clearly fulfill requirements, no other base in 3k range. Hmm lets give it a name: "R&T farming grounds". Owner is me.
    • Medium base: smp7 frontier nether. I really hope this base can get protected. Even if it does not (yet?) clearly fulfill distance requirements. From center of the locked chest it would be 192 radius, so a total size of 384 x 384 would be nice. Name: "Death Zone". Owner is me.
    • Small base: smp1 The End, about 160 blocks away from the ender-land , built together with iamfuturetrunks, shared with Zegridathes. There are already lot unwanted guests, modifications and also unwanted locked chests by other players there. If the small base will never fulfill the requirements, then we might plan to rebuild a bigger one that applies requirements but also in The End. No name yet. Owner is iamfuturetrunks or me.
    • Very small base: smp8 frontier wilderness, too close to spawn. Clearly not fulfilling distance requirements. (Will probably never be protected, still just wanted to mention it.) No name yet, owner is me.
  2. R&T Farming Grounds has been established and record made of your claim to that piece of land.
    'The Nether' and 'The End' details are still being ironed out, once they have been settled we will update everything.
    Rest assured that even if the 'Empire Wild Policy' doesn't end up applying to these areas immediately, they will be well looked after once official land claiming is available. :)
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