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  1. I decided to make BAse Jumping like from BF3. Making the Base Jumping will make many jobs and increase the Size of everyone's wallet. It will also let people buy more stuff from shops by giving them more ruppes if they dig.The Base Jumping will also increase the popularity of SMP3 and EMC.
  2. You mean jumping off a tall tower?
  3. Yes ,but it will be a cool tower.
  4. Its kinda just jumping off a tower, not really a money maker

    When i did this i gold a scolding because i promised free diamonds at the bottom
  5. wat
  6. Duck says whut?
  7. he wants to make a base jump like in bf3.... XD
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  8. Cause its obviously the first video game ever to have that sort of thing.
  9. XD
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  10. Lol how did you do the signature?
  11. ...good to know, that we can jump of a tower now ... That totally filled my expectation after reading:

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  12. Yeah.. I thought my life was gonna end...
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  13. I think I know what he means.
    Jean means that he wants to create a big aesthetically pleasing tower reaching to Y:127, and allow for people to jump from it to bedrock for a fee.

    If I may make a few suggestions, we could
    1. Make several of these to allow for a larger influx of customers.
    2. Decorate the drop with paintings, colored wool and such
    3. Cover up the tower(s) with a Obsidian veil so people have to pay to see it.
    4. Have a railway beside the end of the drop to be taken back up and watch others basejump behind glass
    5. Have a giftshop at the end
    6. Create an honorary skin for it, with a shirt saying 'I survived the BF3 Style Base Jump on SMP3', and give away a download link to that for free at the giftshop
    7. Make each individual drop differently themed.
    8. Make one of these in the Wild with a water drop.
  14. How would you control the fee thing, beside fences, someone could just tp to the res and jump, and its not all that fun for the record, you just fall really fast.
  15. i already made a suicide tower on smp2 don't steal my non money makng buiseness
  16. I don't think there's any money to be made in this business.
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  17. no there really isn't