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  1. I know that shop system is not based through EMC itself, but I was curious if a barter system could be arranged as an extra feature.

    Instead of Bartering in rupees, Buying and selling, I would love to be able to trade a diamond for four Gold ingots. The Idea come from a tekkit server I once played on that used this system on top of a currency.

    Thank you for reading.
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  2. I second this. This is smart.
  3. What? So you use items for currency? No!
  4. The truth of the matter is that this will most likely not happen. Why? The same reason the US Dollar was invented.

    We need an external item that defines value, like rupees. If you are so keen on a trade idea, realize that it is already in place technically. You can sell a diamond for 40r, then use the 40r to buy 4 gold ingots. Trade systems would also disable the ability for prices to vary based on supply while trading cements a set exchange of one item for another. If the "real" value of one of those items would change, then the economy is ruined and Aikar gets to celebrate.

    In addition, Mojang added the barter system through the villagers. Yes they are limited in what you can trade, but that's the truth behind a real bartering system.
  5. I thought it was invented because of America's independence, so they didn't have to use the British pound... Or anything British for that matter :p
  6. Lol, the main reason for any dollar was the external trade item so they could associate each item with a set value

    Gold coins were technically first.
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  7. These days an entire ingot is worth £70 only :p (about $100)
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  8. Actually the 1 diamond = 4 Gold is from EE.
    It is a mod and I guess someone made a plugin of it.
    EE is usually thought of Over Powered and not fair.
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  9. Are you talking about Continental dollars, or the ones after that mess?:p
  10. I was just looking for an easier way to barter Items. It was not intended to replace the fiat money system already put into place. It was a shot in the dark, I didn't expect much support :)