Barclays Fantasy Footie

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  1. Ok so all u need to do is sign up on plz use ur mc username for easiness pick a team and if this thread is popular as in we get 5 sign ups I will post the classic league code to the empire minecraft league =D enjoy

  2. Another try? I think the previous thread got two people short.
  3. This is the first thread I've posted of this... Oh r u on about the nfl one??? This is Barclays Premier Leauge and English football leauge
  4. I know, but I think I just saw something like this.

    Edit: Oh, I think so. I don't know what all this stuff is about anyway :p
  5. Ye this practically the same as the American football thread made by a guy idk
  6. Come on guys who's gona sign sterling costa rvp di maria??
  7. Bump c'mon tell me if u sign up!!!! The quicker people sign up the quicker it starts!!,