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  1. hey guys i tried to logg in today and it said i had a 10hr ban! it was this language is not cool on these servers what language! does anyone know what i said i dont know why its a ban i didnt say anything and i didnt even get to c when it was because i wasnt on!
  2. This is not the proper way to inquire about your ban. Please PM a staff member.
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  3. i did and i found out what it was! i was lending the acc to someone and i know who it was so dont take any offence because i wasnt on it was my freind
  4. Your account = your responsibility. I would just sit tight if I were you. A 10hr ban is not the end of the world, but if you exacerbate the situation, it could grow in to a permaban, and then where would you be?
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  5. i dint say it! i forgot to change my password after someone guessed it after i shoed em emc
  6. That's your fault.
  7. This is gonna get locked, like most of them do. However, it's true that you're responsible for how your account is used, whether you knew it or not. *shrugs* It's really not that big of a deal to chill for 10 hours.

    Though I'd like to point out that your story has conflicting points. In your second post you said you were lending your account to someone, but then you said that someone guessed your password without you knowing it. Just saying.
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  8. this is not the proper way for... well anything. Your approach here was wrong, it was a 10 hr ban, so you should have contacted the moderator who banned you via pm, not making a thread about it. Also, your account, your responsibility.. regardless of whether your account was logged into by someone not you, you loaned the account out, or your little sibling logged on while you were away, it does not matter. It is the account getting punished.
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  9. The offensive remark that were said do appear to come from a different IP to your normal login, supporting your explanation. I would highly recommend you change your password immediately at if you haven't done so already. The ban will stand for the duration, but i would certainly advise caution when showing friends in the future. :)
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